Niels Hofsteenge


In my work I'm always looking for the balance between simplicity and boldness. Or boldness through simplicity. Or vice versa. You get the idea..

But, all jokes aside, I strongly believe that design can bring positive change to the world.

That's why I co-founded Common Collective, and have a practice as a digital artist where I connect to communities and find new ways to share their untold stories.

Are you also on a mission to create a better world in your own way? Let's connect and discuss how design could help your initiative!

2012-2016 Deltion College, Graphic Design
2016-2020 Willem de Kooning academy, Graphic Design

2015 Homer Creative, Birmingham - UK
2016 Doorrood, Apeldoorn - NL
2019 Morrow Creative Club, Rotterdam - NL