Niels Hofsteenge


I'm a Rotterdam based graphic designer who focuses on branding, print design, 2D & 3D animations and a bit of web design.

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The Unheard Nation →

An online platform that gives a voice to native Papuans around world who are still being affected by colonialism on a daily basis.

HUIG 2019 →

The yearly magazine from the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, designed to inspire, discuss, and highlight student projects.

North Sea Jazz art poster →

Music. Energy. Vibrance. Rhythm.
The experience of an iconic music festival translated into a poster.

Tijs Oogmode →

A timeless identity for a second generation optician, located in beautiful and unique location.

Animated illustrations by Jenna Arts →

Wait.. Did those characters just come to life? Through the magic of keyframes and AfterEffects?!